Mike Recicar


I had hip and sciatic pain for over two years and had developed a limp. At times the pain was mild, but when it flared, the pain could wake me up out of a sound sleep. After working with Mike and doing the exercises he gave me to do at home, as well as the sports massage that targeted the areas, I can honestly say my pain is at least 50% less. I no longer walk with a limp and can easily maintain my active lifestyle. I am 70 and living with chronic pain made me feel even older. I had already been through physical therapy and chiropractic visits, but after only 3 visits, Mike helped me more than anyone else was able to do.

Julie Bernstein


“I suffered from serious back pain for months before my research brought me to Mike. In just a few sessions, he delivered what doctors and physical therapists had failed to bring: major relief. I was astounded by the dramatic results because I never thought massage was much more than superficial, temporary relaxation. Make no mistake.  A visit with Mike is no day at the spa. His goal-oriented techniques are deeply grounded in knowledge of the body’s muscular system, and he diligently works to rebalance muscles and bring the body back to a normal state for long-term well-being. And through his holistic approach, he provides everything from an exercise program to advice on ergonomics and posture – critical information for a desk-bound person like me who still wants to enjoy competitive ballroom dancing in my spare time. Mike is a master at his craft and I give him my absolute highest recommendation.”

Debbie Salamone, Longwood
Three-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, nationally award-winning investigative reporter and communications specialist

Cured my hip and back pain

Mike Recicar of Peak Performance Wellness is a gifted therapist for relief from sports related injuries. He helped my whole family recover from various strains, tendonitis, tight spots and general stress. I highly recommend him.

March 02, 2011 by Susan White in Altamonte Springs, FL